Do You Hear What I Hear?!



I never thought I’d be known for my cliffhangers, other than being a ghost writer for the long-referenced I Fell Off a Cliff by “Eileen Dover”.

That’s a joke from my childhood but I feel grown up when a reader asks, “…and then what happened?”

It’s not a joke, although it makes me laugh, to learn that two Facebook friends are still wondering what happened to the car in one of my stories. I love that I had readers on the edge of their seat. I also get pleasure knowing I’ll never tell them about the ill-fated Corolla.

I was also recently called out on my humor. For a friend to say my site is ‘awesome’ and he ‘got a kick out of it’ is very rewarding. To know that my intended humorous one-liners actually are ‘very funny stuff’, is validation that I’m not a nut job.

A former colleague also told me that “I crack him up sometimes.” Now, if only I could crack him up all the time. Although, I suppose I do want to be taken seriously as a writer .

That’s why I also told him I had a screenplay draft. He later emailed and called me a “Renaissance Man/Lady”. While I’m not sure if he called me a man-slash-lady because he’s not sure of my true gender or because I’m not always ladylike, I took it as a compliment anyway. While he may take me a little more seriously as a writer now, the part I didn’t tell him was that it is 5 years in the making.

Does that make me less of a writer – or more? There’s a part in the middle where I just cannot get the transition right. I also felt the need to file it away to focus more on my remaining ‘they’re still in the nest’ Mom phase of my life.

Good or bad, I suppose all exposure is good exposure.

The hardest part in my writing journey was coming out of the closet and into an artistic writing community. That hard part, like other things in life, was also the most rewarding. To hear a fellow blogger tell you something that’s only been in your dreams, is one of the best rewards…

“I couldn’t stop reading…!”


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  1. Toy Whisperer – remember that it took Matt Damon and Ben Affleck more than 10 years to write the screenplay for “Good Will Hunting.”


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