Hotel Habits


When I hit the road and stay at a hotel by myself, I request NO housekeeping.  I never thought that was odd until a friend told me, “It really is.”  My rationale has been threefold:

1)  I settled into my expensive room based on my preferences.  Those bathroom toiletries are lined up in my non-Type A order, the ironing board is set out intentionally and my pajamas are on the bed.  What I need housekeeping to do, is leave my stuff alone:

Don’t come into my temporary home, touch my toothbrush and put it into a random pile with my makeup brush and razor!  

Do NOT put the ironing board away because now you are creating work for me.  I’m just going to have to set it up all over again when I come back to my room.  If I wanted it all to be put away, I would have stayed home.  

Do not DARE to touch my jammies.  I just don’t want you to do that.  I unpacked everything, so that I can pack back up as I go.

2)  I like to think I’m improving my global footprint and working for the common good.  Please give me that.  If you enter my room, what are you going to do?  You are going to take my towels and sheets and wash them (I like to believe this is the case).  That seems silly to me because I’ve ONLY BEEN HERE ONE NIGHT.  I do not wash my sheets every day at home, so why should I expect that when I stay somewhere else?  I know that I will not be offended. I really don’t think it’s going to offend anyone that I am around for the next 24 hours either.  Please save the effort, water* and planet.  Other countries don’t even have that much water to drink.

3) I’m not sure how valid this one is but I’d like the morning cleaner to have one less room on their list.  I wish for that person to take a deep breath, get home a little sooner or focus on some other aspect of their job.  While I know that I paid for this service, and I’m certainly worth it, it’s just another small way to give back.  

Oh yes, I suppose there is a fourth – – – I also don’t need a new bar of soap – it’s only ME IN HERE. I don’t need a new set of shampoo and conditioner – it’s only ME IN HERE!  I don’t need you to vacuum again – it’s only ME IN HERE.   Save the electricity. Stop the excess.

I don’t want housekeeping. I do want to keep house. My way. Until I hit the highway.

* acknowledgement to the hotel chains that do now offer/promote saving water, by providing the option to waive a change of sheets.