We’re terrible bitches.  We took control of the remote!  We wanted to see what we’d hear, if we only listened to the first sentence of each program as we channel surfed.  If that’s not the cat’s meow, I don’t know what is.

Oprah’s masterclass. That is incredible.  We didn’t even plan it that way but Oprah is the cat’s meow.  Barry Weiss seemed to agree.  He’s actually not a pussy cat though, he just plays one on TV.  I do believe he’s a real collector though, with an interest in the resale industry.  I could relate to that but more in the reverse.  I’m really in resale, with an interest in collecting.  I could talk and make jokes with that guy all day long.  We’d be wearing nice clothes driving around in his vintage automobiles. His vehicles are not cars.  They’re too nice to be called that.  Check stats while you talk trades.  Experience the symptoms. 

<Music ensues>

Is proving her wrong, worth this?  Sure it is.  This is fun.  She didn’t think I could turn all the sentences into a real story, without changing the order of what we wrote down.  Experiencing these things is much greater than not being out there at all.  

Everything is worth at least trying once in life.  I’ve been told that by my elders over the years anyway.   That’s the way they used to do it.   It is worth pointing out that was back in the 60’s.  Shit.  It seems like back then everyone tried everything.  It was more than drafts being passed around in that decade.

“The Titans are number 11.” 

“No!  Not that kind of draft.  I wasn’t talking football.  I was talking about writing whimsy.”  

“The goal is to walk off the field and say, “I am in control of the situation.””

I do feel like I’m in control of this piece.  I’m also actually surprised at how easy it is and how quickly it all comes together.

“Walked one intentionally.”

That’s my friend again trying to distract the reader.  Do you feel the need to read someone else’s blog now?

“Do you feel the need to pick up another safety?”  

“No, I don’t. And by the way, blending pitchers and a guy in football with a dead ball isn’t the easiest thing to do, once you’ve started  talking about getting out there to buy storage lockers.  

No, but The two of them together will make a nice sauce.

I think the writing exercise was a success.  My girlfriend was laughing and seemed to approve.  She concluded by stating, “Today, you had the ultimate test of flexibility.”

We had started with Tori and ended with Tatoo Ink.  What a depressing way to make a long-lasting impression.