Hear Ye! Hear Ye!



Fellow bloggers, this is FB me:

– Available: No 
– Age: 47
– Annoyance: People that tell me they are tired 
– Animal: Otis, Scamp, Barley

– Beer: just Corona 
– Birthday: August 16 
– Best Friend: For which part of my life? 
– Blind or Deaf: Blind 
– Best weather: mid 70’s, sunny 
– Been in Love: Yes 
– Believe in Magic: yeah, it’s all about perspective 
– Believe in Santa: I do. 

– Candy: bullseyes 
– Color: Green 
– Chocolate/Vanilla: (French) Vanilla (not Bean) 
– Chinese/Mexican Food: Chinese 
– Cake or pie: Apple pie with the ice cream above 
– Continent to visit: (Western) Canada 
– Cheese: OK, I’m smiling, now take the picture 

– Day or Night: Day 
– Dancing in the rain: …and then some… 

– Eyes: Hazel 
– Everyone’s got: Love to give…and people in their lives that need it. 
– Ever failed a class: I havent’ accepted this one yet… 

– First thoughts waking up: Take the dog out… 
– Food: Roasted chicken 

– Greatest Fear: Losing someone I love 
– Goals: To believe in myself 
– Gum: Big Red or Dentyne 
– Get along with your parents: Yes, on their terms. 

-Hair Color: Brown – blonde as a kid 
– Height: 5’8″ 
– Happy: Sure, but I have to try at it… 
– Holiday: Mother’s Day 
– How do you want to die: in bed. 

– Ice Cream: Mint chocolate chip or Cherry Garcia 
– Instrument: My whistle is my instrument 

– Jewelry: Emeralds 
– Job: Life in general 

– Kids- Teenagers, need I say more… 
– Kickboxing or karate: Kickboxing 
– Keep a journal: Occassionally 

– Love: Always and everyone
– Laughed so hard you cried: and the tears were no longer tears… 

– Milk: yes, I’m a dunker 
– Movies: Dramas preferred 
– Motion sickness: Yes – especially in the last row, evidently. 
– McD’s or BK: Wendy 

– Number: 7 

– One wish: that my girls are happy… 

– Pepsi/Coke: neither 
– Perfect Pizza: basil tomato with chicken and broccoli 
– Piercings: Ears only

– Quote: “If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re still right.” Henry Ford 

– Reality T.V.: Survivor or cooking shows 
– Radio Station: 106.7 
– Roll your tongue in a circle: Yes, I can.
– Ring size: 7 

– Song: From a Distance 
– Shoe size: 8.5 (out of 10) 
– Salad Dressing: Blue Cheese 
– Sushi: Not for me 
– Shower: no, bath preferred here 
– Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries but blueberries if it is a muffin 

– Tattoos: None 
– Time for bed: Between 10 and 11, usually 
– Thunderstorms: Love em, if my husband is home 
– Unpredictable: The best way to live life and make plans 

– Vacation spot(s): Yellowstone 
– Weakness: Feeling sorry for yourself 
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I wouldn’t be friends with anyone that was like me. 
– Worst feeling: Depression 
– Worst Weather: over 85 

– X-Rays: too many to count… 

-Year it is now: 2014 
-Yellow: funnest personalities to be around… 

– Zoo animal: Monkeys or Gorillas – Gorillas – I always feel that they imitate me…

I am available for questioning!