Toys for Tots


When I go to the auction, my first thought wasn’t preview.  It was eating.  I don’t usually need to eat dinner there but I hadn’t eaten and the chop suey looked good for $3.50.

 I hadn’t been to the auction in multiple weeks, which translates to months.  I promised myself I would be sure to at least get to the next antique auction, which was held after every few general sale auctions.  When I heard it was coming up, I made a point to put it on my calendar.  When I learned it was going to have toys, I put cash in my pocket.  

A dealer can always put cash in their pocket, the trick is having more than the next guy.  Well, there were several toy dealers that night and they all had deeper pockets.  The vintage toys weren’t in excellent condition but there were several that I had never seen.  They all went for several hundred dollars, which was too steep for my own modest collection.  Without a buyer on my other end, I had to pass.  It did make me drool though.  It also made me overbid when the more affordable lead soldiers went onto the block.

I wasn’t happy with what I lost out on, or  what I’d bought.  Maybe I hadn’t missed the auctions as much as I thought.  Maybe I was just still hungry.  I spent my last two quarters on two deviled eggs.