About a girl


Stefanie asked us if we wanted to take a “Journey” to NYC during Memorial Day weekend.  I told myself that I don’t usually travel on holiday weekends but this was Stefanie – and she was coming all the way to the East Coast.

 “Should I stay or should I go?”   If she knew I even considered not going, she’d tell me to go ‘straight to hell’.  After all, this wasn’t ‘Atlantic City’.  It was NEW YORK CITY.  

We’ve since all committed to the trip, bought our train tickets and reserved our accommodations.  “Nothing’s gonna stop us now.”

‘We care a lot’ about each other.  ‘Time after time.’  We also have a hell of a time together.  These are important girls in my lifetime and I’ve been sure to keep in touch with each of them.  Once, they told me I was the reason we were all still in touch.  It’s really because I’ve pretty much threatened them by insisting they ‘don’t forget about me’.

That hotel will not know what hit them.  We’ll go ‘everywhere’ and that will be our ‘house of fun’ when we return each night.

Our men won’t be with us but they’ll send us all on our way with a ‘french kiss’.  Once we get to the city, we’ll forget all about our guys and start in on our long overdue girl’s weekend.  Leaving the boys behind will work out since ‘we’ll be too drunk to f*?!’.  They know we can have fun ‘with or without you’.  Sorry boys, we won’t ‘need you tonight’ because ‘girl’s just want to have fun’.  We’ll need to ‘rock the casbah’ and let out a ‘primal scream’.  We’re all ‘under pressure’ and need to let off some steam.  The weekend will help us  all to come ‘back to life’.  

Stefanie will have so much fun that she won’t even miss that ‘Pacific state’.  It’ll be ‘the cure’ we need and ‘just like heaven’.

We will revert back to the 80’s and have a ‘teen age riot’.  We’ll be the ‘sonic youth’ we once were.  We’ll be crossing ‘the river’ and ‘going underground’.  What we won’t do is ‘pump up the volume’ of our hair and be a ‘sign of the times’.  

We’ll have our hot new age, pun intended, fashions and be ‘pretty in pink’.

‘Where is my mind?’  We aren’t ‘pixies’.

We’ll ‘jump’ into our little dresses, be ‘back in black’ and hail a yellow cab to the theatre district.  We’ll ‘sit down’ after our initial days of craziness and enjoy a ‘culture club’.  If we see any ‘boys of summer’ on our way out, that will just sweeten the curtain call.  They may want to be ‘hounds of love’ or a ‘temptation’ but we’ll need to be on our way.   We won’t need a ‘prince’.  This is our ‘once in a lifetime’ in a city where ‘there is a light that never goes out’.  

Instead, we’ll have a blast heading back to the Square.  We’ll find dessert at midnight, one of us will be sure to say ‘never let me down again’ and we’ll all shed some ‘teardrops’.

“What have I done to deserve this?”  I ‘can’t be sure’.  

Once we’ve added more laughter to the tears, we’ll look for ‘the killing moon’.  It will be  our own little ‘fairytale of new york’.  

We’ll need to create some of our own fun since our Jimmy Fallon tickets were cancelled.  Now, ‘That’s entertainment’.  

But don’t believe the hype.  There’s also a time in the wee hours of the next morning ‘when doves cry’.  

It’s when the fatigue and alcohol really have an impact and we tell ourselves not to ‘push it’ on the third day.  We’ll start ‘livin on a dream’ another way and go to a long leisurely brunch.  We’ll take in the ‘atmosphere’, ask each other to pass the ‘salt and pepa’ and try to find our other friend ‘billi jean’.  She’ll ‘walk this way’, and then we’ll remember she was ‘made of stone’ and laugh at ‘the clash’ of our personalities.  

‘It’s a sin’ but the next and final day will be ‘blue monday’.  ‘Love will tear us apart’.  

It will be sad but I’ll also be heading back to ‘this charmin man’.  It’ll be ‘like a prayer’ to go home to ‘the one I love’…and then it will turn into yet another one of those ‘Happy Mondays’.