Grown Up Children

I left Corporate America to head toward the Universities and see if i could still fit in with 20-year-olds. I started by picking up my third child, an adoption of love, at Worcester State. Arriving on campus and seeing all the coeds and their surroundings, I fit in seamlessly. The I wish girlish figure and spring fashions weren’t the reason. I blended in with my twelve-year-old Camry because it was as beat-up as any of the commuter vehicles.

Erin joined me in Sterling to check on my antique booth and pick-up my check. She had no choice. From there we went to the house, so I could change and we could both visit with the pets before leaving town. We crossed the town border to get Tarah from her softball practice…and her boyfriend’s lacrosse game. We watched the last few goals in the rain with her, and realized the team lost by one in the final minutes. Regardless, we hit the road again for the state border.

We chatted like girls do and then we started the tunes. We joined in the singing and dancing as Adam lead us down highway 101. Or should I say 93. I was paying so much attention to the lyrics, I missed our exit! That’s when Trisha called and we had to tell her we needed to turn around to get back on course. We didn’t need to see the capital of New Hampshire to get to Durham. I figure we lost about 15 minutes. A delay for any other visit would have been fine. Tonight we were trying to arrive by 7. Trisha wanted us to eat with her and all her friends in the dining hall, which closed at 7:30.

We got to campus in time to hit all the food stations. While we were going to eat there, it was really pigging out. I had a salad, pizza and chicken and dumplings. We all filled our plates and then went back for more. Tarah and I headed back to the breakfast station for bananas. Me to go with my ice cream and Tarah for her frosted flakes dessert. That was the course where I learned Lindsey had a grandmother and aunt with MS too. We all had someone to walk for the next morning, so we left for the hotel.

We used a cell phone GPS and made our way to Dover for the night. We crashed our suite and claimed our dibbs for the beds. Lyndsey jumped on the stiff leather couch to check her Instagram, Erin pulled down an extra blanket, Tarah jumped on the bed until me and the mattress fell on the floor, Trisha made a cup of tea and Mom pointed her toes in Trisha’s face! That’s when we all realized we wanted to put our toes into the hot tub. We hung out for the rest of the night poolside.

Once the chlorine started burning our eyes, we decided to go back to the room and continue burning our eyes out in front of the TV. We changed into our comfy clothes and microwaved the popcorn. It didn’t burn but we did decide after that to watch Catching Fire . My girls snuggled me on the couch but I still couldn’t make it to the end of the movie. It was all Tarah and Erin needed to cave in too. I didn’t wake up once in the night. When I awoke, I remembered what a bed hog Tarah was. She had 90% of the blankets and her knees in my back. The other bed had three girls in it, so at some point the college kids had finally called it a night too.

I went down to the lobby to send up some more towels and start my multi-course breakfast. The girls came down around 8 in their bright orange T-shirts. By “the girls”, I don’t mean Trisha. She seemed to be anticipating a tan with the new spring sun and wore her CORAL tank top. We packed our bags and headed for the car. By “we”, I don’t mean Erin. She seemed to have forgotten her purse near the bed and ran back to 325. We actually made it to the Harbour School in time for the end of registration. We turned in our money, made our badges and got in line for our shirts. We only had a few minutes before the walk started but used them to take our team photos. I didn’t feel we needed them but was a good sport about posing.

The walk was a great way to see classic New England, enjoy window shopping along the way and make plans for the rest of the school year. It made the first section of the walk a breeze. Talking to the girls and hearing them chit-chat made the second section go by fast too. It was that final half mile that made me realize my hips weren’t helping me as much as they had in my child-bearing years. Despite the concern for my hips, I didn’t hesitate to eat pizza and chips when we got back to our starting point.

It was a memorable walk and we remembered our sponsors. Those that contributed on day one and those that posted a contribution on the last night. The Collecting Crowes had submitted their donations to the NMSS and now needed to end their day making personal contributions to the shops in town. We adults ended the day by going to a toy store and a bakery for dessert. We were all grown up – and it’s all documented on film.



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