Adam and Even Me

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So why does a 44-year-old woman excite to the vocals of Adam Lambert? It’s not a typical question asked of any cougar. It’s a question to me. A woman who grew up in a household with no music. If anything, I had a Mickey Mouse radio dial appliance in my bedroom. My early experience with broadcasting was with Dr. Ruth. That radio show was my Catholic girl secret indulgence to learn whatever I could…

I do remember buying an album in 8th grade with my best friend. I’d moved beyond buying Toughskins at Sears. I was cool now; I owned my first vinyl. It was Debbie Boone’s “You Light Up My Life”. I thought I was ready to be lit.

As a very immature freshman in High School, I wondered why all the girls were crying in the locker room over this guy they called John Lennon?

As a teenager, my boyfriend had to tell me who Jimi Hendrix was.

Hell, when I went to college I thought I was moving into a lesbian dormitory when I saw two girls run at each other exclaiming, “I love you too!” It was much later in the semester when I noticed the U2 posters taped to their wall.

I’ve gone to a handful of concerts since then. It was nobody I had any loyalty too. It was just what you did as you got a little older and had some new found disposable income. I learned to appreciate a variety of music including Kenny Rogers, Elton John, Mellencamp, Bette, Journey, Springsteen and KISS!

I went into my wedding as a young bride with no song preferences.

My closest affiliation to music, was knowing that this guy Elvis died on my birthday.

I do remember seeing my first video at a girlfriends house. It was JUMP! Clearly, I didn’t know who Van Halen was at the time but she didn’t seem to mind educating me. I’ve seen Thriller and other classics but have never spent time watching MTV.

I did, however, start watching American Idol with my young niece. I continued to watch with my own young girls. They were already more educated about music than I was. I guess sleepovers have their benefits. We watched a few seasons together and then they started to get disinterested. I kept watching and that was the season I heard Adam audition. The girls just thought I liked him because he had my maiden name. I was glued to the TV for Hollywood week. As the season evolved, I planned my home life around Tuesday nights. He was a total performer. He easily made Top 10. My girls, my husband, didn’t exist from 8- 9 p.m. I’ve followed Adam ever since his American Idol tour.

So, why did I almost strangle my girlfriend with her own binoculars when he came on stage in Boston? —– Adam.

Why did I take time off from work to go to Foxwoods and spend big money to stay at the MGM Grand? —– Adam.

Why did I stalk him at his meet & greet in Salisbury, MA? —– It was Adam.

Why did I take my teenage girls to their first concert, at of all places – the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom? —– It was Adam.

I still don’t know that I understand it. I just know that when I hear a song of his starting…

– my right eyebrow rises
– my jaw tightens
– my eyes suddenly change focus
– this white, no-rhythmn momma feels her hips sway in the seat

My head, my hands, my heart – my hips – are all in the music.

– I fist pump
– I toss my hair from side to side.
– I gyrate.

I strut, moving with the best of them.

I love the ballads and don’t mind the dirty lyrics; I understand all the songs.

I’m suddenly feeling music.

I am a performance queen!

I’m Eve to his Adam.

How do I explain this to people?
– I'm not a teenager.
– They can’t picture me at a concert.
– He’s gay.
– I don’t fit the mold.

To all of you I say, “close your eyes, not your mind”. “It’s a type of personal solution”. At 44, I’ve “let the freedom begin”. My excitement took off with Dr. Ruth; I’ve landed with Adam. I am a fan, pure and simple.


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  1. My parents played all types of music – from ragtime to swing, to rock, to big band…They let us choose our own music. There were no restrictions. I think we all got an appreciation for the different genres; we (the family) also would sing a lot – in the car, mostly, but also while doing the dishes, cleaning a room, etc!


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