We started our Saturday summer morning at the local outdoor flea market.  That’s usually where we end our days, if there is still water in the car and energy in our bodies. I didn’t really find anything but my mother did scope out a brand new Fisher Price Barnyard Bingo, NIB.  I have one of those pre-school games at home but I’d never put it up for resale because of its sentimental value.  This one on the other hand, could be sold for more than 10x her dollar bill. 

While we have the most fun when our yard sale mornings are like Black Friday, lots of places to hit and deals to be had, we had trouble finding White Woods on this Saturday.  As is life, the ride, conversation and time spent on our journey was more valuable than the destination.  They could keep what they were considering their parting valuables.  We were done with the forest and ready to look for trees and deals in someone else’s backyard.

We did a few errands for our neighbor and then found a neighborhood yard sale.  Those are always lucrative because if you miss at one house, you just run to the next.  I don’t say that lightly either;  my mother must have grown up with Wilma Rudolph.  She is focused and wastes no time getting a jump start on every opportunity.  

One of the yards had boxes lined up like the Dollar Store or something.  It was a man running the show and as you approached, there was a lot of hardware and mess.  However, that’s often where the gold is too.  Unlike most of the ladies that continued on past his house, we respectfully walked up and down the rows to try to see what was in the boxes.  It was Miss Alaneous this and Miss Fortune that.  I did recognize a Steinbach for my Christmas collection though and also picked up a see-through stapler for my office at work.  I think he was entertained by the pure fact that we too decided to dig through his wares with the guys. We even entered his garage. How could we possibly add to our bundle by considering old tools and motorcycle parts?  He must’ve assumed I wouldn’t see the stack of records under one of the stools.  At first I was deflated seeing a Frankie Valli on top.  i was on the flip side of that when I saw the next was a Beatle’s album…and so was the next.  As I held my breath, I discovered there were 8.  I removed my emotion as I approached the homeowner guy.

“Are these for sale too?”

“Well, they weren’t but I am trying to get rid of as much as possible.”

“OK then, so how much?” 

“Well, let’s see, you know what you’re holding, right?”

“Yes, I’m admiring your Beatles collection.  That’s why I was wondering how much.”


“Seriously, you’d sell me all of these for $10?!  They must have memories and taken awhile to collect.”  Yes, suddenly the emotions and compassion showed up.  I just cannot control those guys when I find something really cool.

“Well, I was actually being generous at $10 each.”

“Oh, of course.  Yes.  Let me just decide which one I want.”  

That’s when he decided to offer them all to me for $10.  It was the same moment my mother came back to my side and asked me what I’d found.

“Give me $10.”

“What, no, I asked what you found.”

“I’ll show you in the car and pay you back.  Just give this man $10.”  

Yankee Neon code finally kicked in again and my mother had a ten dollar bill in her hand quicker than a magician.  If you told me she’d whipped it out of her girdle, I’d have believed you.”

I made the transfer as quickly as I could before he changed his mind.  I also made the getaway to the next block before I took the time to tell my now accomplish mother about the great deal I’d just made.

“Whatever.”  She didn’t seem impressed that she’d just lent me several weeks of yard sale money.

I was still coming off my high when we ended near our niece’s new house.  Her new neighbor’s yard sale was small but accommodating.  My mother bought an Anna Lee doll for a dollar and I bought a poster frame for the same amount.   It was my last own dollar, and I was already in the red with my Mom. We  were also out of water and energy.  I dropped off Ma and then went to my own house to inspect my sentimental vinyls, while I thought about my Garage Bingo.