WordPress – Rookie Investment


My return on investment has been a long time coming.  Some people call it “The Gap”.  That period between your idea and how long it takes to fully develop your art. The timeframe spans from a dim rookie light bulb to a brighter definition of what you want to accomplish. 

 So, I’ve worked my way up to being on WordPress. Initially, I’d created a dream board and tag line business card. While they created visual inspirations, it wasn’t a product or service or BLOG!  The Facebook account only made people wonder if I’d reached my midlife crisis.  My visual art just sent back a lot of “Oh, that’s nice” comments that translated to “I think this lady is crazy!?” My intention to learn other social media outlets prompted laughter from within the family.  

More recently, I was reinspired by opening my journal again.  Sharing who I was with others, and truly letting them in, reminded me that writing made me happy.  Hearing their testimonials made me wonder if I really did have stories worth telling? Listening to a little whisper one day gave me permission to believe in myself…and now I’m a believer.

So, believe this.  Tonight I sat down to invest time in learning WordPress.  I’d created the profile last week.  For some reason, I’d attacked it like an embryo, feeling it needed to develop in my mind.  Earlier today I realized it already had a life cycle longer than an infant black fly and that it would be unacceptable if I let it live within me as long as my own babies.  So, after dinner I pulled out my laptop and here I am.  

I created a page, established a link and posted a quote.  Oh my.  Much later and only a little farther down the road I’d posted a comment, my Pinterest photos and had a follower.  Oh my!  Getting ahead of myself, and already knowing I had plenty to post, I reviewed the ‘Reader Topic’ and found a daily writing prompt.  While the prompt didn’t intimidate me, the instructions did.  I’d only learned two hours earlier that ‘Freshly Pressed’ was not referring to my blouse or coffee beans.  If I moved forward, I’d now have to learn the social definition of sharing and pingbacks and the DP challenge.  Oh my, my, my!!!

Rather, I admitted to myself that it’s been a long night, I’m starting to get tired and I feel the need to rest in a field of flowers.   As I lay me down to sleep, I tell myself I’m making a good investment.  I’m  ready to restart as the rookie.  I’ll whisper my stories here for the rest of my world to hear.  Now all I need is for you to read, comment and follow.  Oh my.