Enter the girl cave – – -

Read a book and pass it on...
Read a book and pass it on…

It has a toy box, book shelf and desk where I write this blog that has a whimsical sense of humor written into life – – -

Reconciling my:
‘Once Upon a Time’ with my ‘Happily Ever After’

Short streams of consciousness about childhood memories, thrifting, living in New England and other humorous, fictionalized reflections of my own life experiences.

Why Ms Toy Whisperer?

This isn’t about being someone’s wife. It’s all for me and about me. Mrs. just wouldn’t work. Also, once upon a time, as a new Mom, I was diagnosed with MS. That’s the Ms.

I have always loved playing with my girls. When the girls were young, books were some of their favorite toys. They chewed them, stacked them, colored in them and shared them. Reading time was my favorite part of our play dates. I continue to sell books and toys. That’s the Toy part.

I have always thought I was a good listener and a simple soul. At the end of 2013, I really listened. I have since learned that they are the whispers of the Holy Spirit and it is now my greatest strength. That is the Whisperer part.

I am MS TOY WHISPERER – a grand part of my happily ever after.

Thanks for visiting!

What do I support?

Multiple Sclerosis awareness – MS is a potentially debilitating disease in which your body’s immune system eats away at the protective covering of your nerves. Damage to it causes interference in the connection between your brain, spinal cord and other areas of your body.

Literacy – access to books is the single largest barrier to literacy. In low-income homes, there is 1 book for every 300 children.

Writing – and anything else that makes you happy. For me, that is writing.

Accepting and Embracing Your Inner Child – growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

I want to ensure I always have a connection. I want to give away books. I want to promote reading. I want to be silly. This blog connects all of those things.

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I am a writer who sells vintage books and toys. I write about yard sales and thrifting, the whimsy of life, everything and nothing and whispers of the Holy Spirit:


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